TwinCitiesGolf members - your group lesson times will be posted by mid Feb.  Just working out the schedule.  You'll have a bunch of times to choose from.  Thanks.  See you soon.

Play Happier Golf

Easily gain confidence, eliminate embarrassment, and crush fear, so you can smile more, on and off the course

"I love this Bryan.  I was having the worst day, and you made me cry and feel better about myself all in the same minute."

Charese R., Parent

"You run a great program, and its value extends way beyond golf."

Allen H., WCC

"The golf world (and the world in general) needs more people like you.  I can tell you your outlook certainly changed my perspective of the game just in one afternoon.  Keep up the great work of bringing fun back to the forefront of the game, and to life!"

Bruce S.

2013 MN PGA Junior Golf Leader

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